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May 8, 2019

Since launching Bamboo’s Creative Studio in 2018, we’ve helped app clients improve performance numbers and decrease costs through our proven methodology of direct response creative production backed by data. Now, we’re excited to offer this tried and true formula to even more clients through our partnership with Google. As the biggest platform for app advertising, Google knows creative assets are an increasingly critical factor for app campaigns (formerly known as UAC), but that many advertisers are either unaware of this, or lack the data, expertise, or resources to take action.

That’s why, at its I/O conference today, Google is launching partnerships with a select group of agencies to help app clients develop, manage, and level-up their creatives. We’re proud that we are among the App preferred creative partners trusted by Google to help advertisers develop best-in-class assets and act on creative insights

In our increasingly mobile world, the app space is becoming more competitive. When it comes to ad creative, quality and quantity are both important, which is core to what makes Bamboo’s Creative Studio so powerful. We use an analytical component design that allows us to combine individual assets to form dozens of creative variations – a method we’ve developed from testing over 10 thousand creatives on hundreds of millions in ad spend across paid social.

To create dozens of individual assets, we implement “micro-changes,” all of which are backed by data. These micro adjustments compound over time to drastically improve return on new creatives.

This approach aligns with how Google’s app advertising platform works. The more assets you provide, the more you enable machine learning to find the best combinations of these assets – and the more likely you are to be eligible for different placements across Google’s ad networks.

We’ve already helped brands like Canon decrease their CPA by over 36%, and we’re thrilled to provide the same success to new clients. Through this partnership with Google, we look forward to:

  • Demonstrating the importance of creative assets for App campaigns
  • Growing our clients’ user base in a more personalized and profitable fashion through effective creatives that aim to be as relevant as possible to individual users

Ready to get started? Check out our work here or email for more info.


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