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July 15, 2019

Google is rolling out Ad Groups to all App Campaign accounts. What does this mean for you? Let’s find out!

First off, what is an ad group? 

An ad group, in its traditional usage, is used by search campaign managers to group similar targeting. For example, one ad group focuses on branded terms where another might focus on competitors.

Great, so what is an ad group in the context of Google App Campaigns? 

App campaigns don’t have targeting like search campaigns, but the concept is similar. Instead of grouping similar targeting under an ad group, you would group similar creative assets. Advertisers should take advantage of this by grouping similar themes, time-sensitive promotions, or for creative testing.

Utilizing ad groups can save you from the headache of being super concerned about introducing new creative into an algorithm-heavy (and often very important) growth channel!

Can you give some examples? 

You bet!

Example 1: Promotions

The first example can be used when you have an upcoming promotion. We know that introducing new creative with the intention of removing them in just a few days can have a negative impact on overall performance. By creating an ad group to specifically house promotional creative, you can have better control over their run dates and ensure that no promotional assets get left behind once the promo is over. Note that this same concept applies to seasonal creative where you might run Valentine’s Day assets for perhaps only a week or two.

Example 2: Themes

One strategy we use to find creative winners is to group new creative builds into themes. A theme might represent a larger classification, such as User Generated Content. Within this theme, we will iterate on the winning creative in several ways until we find a new “winner”. Organizing your creative by theme helps you introduce fresh creative while keeping the top level organized.

Example 3: Creative Studio Bake-off

Sometimes clients have a difficult time deciding which creative studio to partner with. Allowing AdWords ownership to serve ads from the most performant ad group is a good way to understand which partner can produce the most performant creative while testing in a live environment.

What should you *not* use Ad Groups for? 

Ad Groups can be highly effective in keeping your performance steady and optimal, however, it’s important to call out a few ways you might be thinking about using ad groups that have proven to be unsuccessful. These include:

  • Grouping one creative dimension together (ex: all 1200×628)
  • Grouping one asset type together (ex: all static images)
  • Attempting to serve specific creative more-often


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