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May 13, 2019

Bamboo Creative Studio is not your traditional creative studio. Where some agencies lean heavily on the potential of creative, we take the opposite approach: creative production backed by data. We pair our experience as world class direct-response marketers with the capabilities of a full production studio to create a fool-proof creative testing methodology aimed at maximizing campaign performance.

We’ve tested over 10 thousand creatives on hundreds of million dollars in ad spend on every channel and partnered with dozens of leading brands in Direct-to-Consumer, Mobile, FinTech and E-Commerce. We develop ad creative for all placements within Facebook, Instagram, Google UAC, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Data-driven creative production

We have one goal: deliver creative that converts at scale. To achieve that, we’ve developed a creative testing methodology aimed at maximizing campaign performance – over thousands of hours of work, working with dozens of leading brands in direct-to-consumer, mobile, fintech and e-commerce, and millions of dollars in budgets. Our creative database is full of micro-insights which we use to inform new creative concepts, testing strategies, and iterations. Our formula begins and ends with the data.

2. Rapid-fire ongoing testing

It’s one thing to produce amazing creative, but to stay ahead today, you need to be able to do it as fast as possible. We achieve this speed and volume through weekly video and photo production. We then test at a high velocity and iterate continually to ensure we find winners faster. This is how we outperform other creative services and in-house teams.

3. Modular design to maximize ROI

We use an analytical component design that allows us to combine individual assets to form numerous creative variations. “Micro-changes” in individual components compound over time to drastically improve return on new creatives.

Bamboo Original Production Improved Canon’s Facebook Performance by 40%

Bamboo and Canon partnered to improve Facebook performance for several of their mobile apps and printing products. Through data-driven creative testing, Bamboo improved Canon’s Facebook KPIs by 40% overall, while still maintaining the integrity of the brand’s aesthetic.

We partner with the best in the business

Bamboo Creative Studio is partnered with the top channels in the industry to bring our clients’ beautiful and performance-driven advertising assets.

Facebook: Bamboo is recognized as 1 of 25 of Facebook’s top performance agencies across the globe. We have the opportunity to partner closely with Facebook to provide our clients the best creative services and media management possible.

We’re excited to expand our partnership with Bamboo’s Creative Studio and support them with added strategic discussions with Facebook’s Creative Shop as they continue to develop world-class direct response creative solutions for our advertisers.” – Walker, Agency Partner Manager at Facebook

Google: In May 2019, Google announced its creative partnership with Bamboo Creative Studio. We’re proud that we are among the App preferred creative partners trusted by Google to help advertisers develop best-in-class assets and act on creative insights.

Ready to get started? Check out our work here or email for more info.


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