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November 13, 2018

We’re very excited to announce the release of our first product. It’s called Cupboard!

Cupboard is a reporting automation and analysis platform for Google Universal App Campaigns.

The Backstory on Cupboard

Cupboard was born out of Bamboo’s problems. As a mobile ad agency that spends millions per year on Google UAC, we have a real need for a simple, powerful tool that saves us time on reporting and unlocks more visibility into our UAC campaigns and creatives.

Initially, when we surveyed the ecosystem for a tech partner, we only found tools that either (a) didn’t dive granularly enough into the insights we care about or (b) coupled those granular insights with a bunch of other features that we didn’t need. At that point, we chose to build something that addresses our needs more perfectly.

The Beta Product

Cupboard is a powerful reporting automation and analysis platform for Google UAC. It ingests Google UAC ad account data and processes it through a proprietary data model. We access the processed data through an easy-to-use Pivot Table interface. The Pivot Table enables us to run a number of complex queries in seconds (that may have taken us hours or days pre-Cupboard).

Cupboard enables us to quickly answer important questions like:

  1. How are each of our videos performing across campaigns over time?
  2. How is UAC changing our network allocation over time after we add new creatives?
  3. What creative types are resulting in the best performance across all campaigns over time?

The product also has a few extra bells and whistles that Google doesn’t support natively:

  1. When creatives are deleted from UAC accounts, all performance data gets deleted with them. Cupboard saves an accurate record of all creative history to ensure we never lose our valuable insights, even when we delete poor performing creatives.
  2. Cupboard aggregates creative performance across all campaigns to enable fast analysis into creative performance over time versus having to look into each campaign individually.
  3. All reports are also easily exportable, so we can send more robust creative reports to our clients without days of work.
  4. Cupboard can render many complex reports with much larger time windows than Google supports natively so analyzing trends is a breeze.

Initial Results

It’s still very early (the product is less than 2 weeks old!), but now that we’ve built the beta version of Cupboard, we are using it actively at Bamboo.

It is saving us a lot of time (especially for analyzing creative!) and it’s enabling us to make faster, more informed optimizations on UAC. We believe this will result in our clients having more profitable advertising spend, which is our goal in almost everything we do.

We’ve also started offering free trials to a few other leading advertisers who have the same problems that we had pre-Cupboard. Hopefully we’ll have a few testimonials and data points to share soon!

Do you want access to a powerful reporting platform that saves time and unlocks more visibility into your UAC campaigns and creatives?

Sign up for a free trial at:

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