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Feb 22

7 Most Valuable Questions to Ask A Potential Growth Agency

Are you having issues growing your small business? Is it impossible to hire talent for your industry? Are you struggling to find the right employee benefits to improve your turnover…

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Nov 13


We’re very excited to announce the release of our first product. It’s called Cupboard! Cupboard is a reporting automation and analysis platform for Google Universal App Campaigns. The Backstory on Cupboard…

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May 24

Creating a Personalized Paid Social Strategy With Smartly & Care/of

At the eTail East conference, we had the privilege to share the stage with our partner Smartly and our client, direct-to-consumer vitamin brand Care/of to learn how modern brands can…

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Apr 04

Lessons Learned from Analyzing 150 of Our Top Converting Facebook Ads

Too often we see advertisers getting caught up in crafting beautiful ads and perfecting minute details instead of building holistically effective ads. They get trapped in vanity metrics like click-through-rate…

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Mar 22

Don’t Make These 7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes (Lessons we Learned from 50+ Facebook Audits)

Before we start working with new brands, we typically run audits of their current advertising efforts to make sure we can help optimize their existing efforts and provide additional value.…

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Mar 15

Can Android Audiences Actually Drive High ROI on Paid Social?

Historically, paid social experts have regarded Android as the ugly stepchild to iOS. Citing lower conversion rates and lifetime value on Android with higher ad fraud rates (up to 3x…

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Mar 07

When (And When Not) to Use Facebook Split Testing for Maximum Impact

Advertising: is it art or science? Surely most of us can agree that a healthy dose of both is necessary for powerful advertising. As direct-response advertisers, testing is a huge part of…

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Mar 01

Why We’re Reducing Our Google UAC Media Management Fees by 75%

In the past few months since Google transitioned all app advertising initiatives to Universal App campaigns (UAC), the channel has undoubtedly changed the game for in-house advertisers and agencies alike.…

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Feb 28

2 Ways to Repurpose Influencer Campaigns to Drive Conversions with Paid Social

The confluence of the social media marketing landscape over the past few years has led directly to the rise of influencer marketing with 84% of companies planning to test it…

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Feb 15

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Started with User Acquisition

If you’re reading this article, you are probably aware of the fact that paid user acquisition is one of the most scalable growth channels at your disposal, but you’re probably…

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