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Jan 10

How ad network automation puts more weight on creative and what to do about it

Improvements in algorithms and machine learning systems are continuing to ease and improve the advertisers’ job on major networks like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and even Snapchat. Those platforms have created…

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Oct 31

Special Ad Categories: HEC Policy Changes and How it Affects your Facebook Ad Buying

If your company offers services related to housing, employment, or any type of financial services, and you advertise on Facebook – keep reading.  Recent policy changes, the result of a…

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Oct 25

Don’t Make These 7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes

In the 5+ years we’ve been managing Facebook accounts, we’ve come across numerous mistakes when auditing new client accounts — and we have audited a lot! Running digital campaigns is…

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Jul 15

How to Utilize Google App Campaigns’ New Ad Group Format

Google is rolling out Ad Groups to all App Campaign accounts. What does this mean for you? Let’s find out! First off, what is an ad group?  An ad group,…

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Jul 11

How to Use Dynamic Product Ads for Prospecting

E-commerce advertisers are likely most familiar with Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) in a remarketing sense. You upload your product catalog, someone comes to your site, then you show them ads…

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Jun 14

How to Survive the Switch to Campaign Budget Optimization

Facebook introduced Campaign Budget Optimization about a year and a half ago as a way to give advertisers better results at a lower cost, by distributing an allotted budget based…

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Apr 04

5 Headline Copy Formulas to Boost Facebook Ad Performance

An ad is only as strong as its headline. After the main visual element, the Headline is the most prominent part of an ad and is the largest space for…

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