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Nov 14

How Performance Marketing Agencies Play into the Marketing Mix

With the ability to advertise online came a brand new type of marketing — performance marketing. This comprehensive term describes a combination of brand marketing and paid advertising where the…

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Oct 17

6 Reasons an Agency Will Get You More Than An In-House Team

No one knows more than you that your brand and company culture and everything it stands for is special. So how could an outside agency possibly do even half as…

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Mar 01

Why We’re Reducing Our Google UAC Media Management Fees by 75%

In the past few months since Google transitioned all app advertising initiatives to Universal App campaigns (UAC), the channel has undoubtedly changed the game for in-house advertisers and agencies alike.…

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Jan 31

The 14 Questions We Ask Before, During, and After Every Creative Workshop

There are 13,000+ advertising agencies in the United States. Each of those agencies, no matter the niche they’re in, have very few competitive levers at their disposal. One might argue that people…

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Dec 12

Bamboo Named ‘App Marketing Agency of the Year’ in the 2017 App Growth Awards

We’re honored to have been named “App Marketing Agency of the Year” in the Inaugural App Growth Awards organized by App Promotion Summit. The App Growth Awards are the annual barometer…

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Nov 27

4 Things You Should Expect from Your Mobile Advertising Agency

As of 2017, mobile advertising accounts for over 70% of total digital ad spending and is projected to hit more than $195B annually by 2019. More marketers are ramping up…

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Feb 28

11 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Mobile Advertising Agency

According to eMarketer, mobile advertising is on track to hit more than $195 Billion annually by 2019 – up from just over $19B in 2013 – it is obvious that…

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