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Jan 10

How ad network automation puts more weight on creative and what to do about it

Improvements in algorithms and machine learning systems are continuing to ease and improve the advertisers’ job on major networks like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and even Snapchat. Those platforms have created…

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Nov 14

How Performance Marketing Agencies Play into the Marketing Mix

With the ability to advertise online came a brand new type of marketing — performance marketing. This comprehensive term describes a combination of brand marketing and paid advertising where the…

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Oct 25

Don’t Make These 7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes

In the 5+ years we’ve been managing Facebook accounts, we’ve come across numerous mistakes when auditing new client accounts — and we have audited a lot! Running digital campaigns is…

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May 13

Introducing: Bamboo Creative Studio

Bamboo Creative Studio is not your traditional creative studio. Where some agencies lean heavily on the potential of creative, we take the opposite approach: creative production backed by data. We…

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May 08

Google + Bamboo team up for creative partnership

Since launching Bamboo’s Creative Studio in 2018, we’ve helped app clients improve performance numbers and decrease costs through our proven methodology of direct response creative production backed by data. Now,…

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Feb 22

7 Most Valuable Questions to Ask A Potential Growth Agency

Are you having issues growing your small business? Is it impossible to hire talent for your industry? Are you struggling to find the right employee benefits to improve your turnover…

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