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Oct 25

Don’t Make These 7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes

In the 5+ years we’ve been managing Facebook accounts, we’ve come across numerous mistakes when auditing new client accounts — and we have audited a lot! Running digital campaigns is…

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Apr 04

Lessons Learned from Analyzing 150 of Our Top Converting Facebook Ads

Too often we see advertisers getting caught up in crafting beautiful ads and perfecting minute details instead of building holistically effective ads. They get trapped in vanity metrics like click-through-rate…

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Mar 22

Don’t Make These 7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes (Lessons we Learned from 50+ Facebook Audits)

Before we start working with new brands, we typically run audits of their current advertising efforts to make sure we can help optimize their existing efforts and provide additional value.…

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Mar 07

When (And When Not) to Use Facebook Split Testing for Maximum Impact

Advertising: is it art or science? Surely most of us can agree that a healthy dose of both is necessary for powerful advertising. As direct-response advertisers, testing is a huge part of…

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May 24

Reveal What’s Holding Your Ads Back with Facebook’s New Delivery Insights

Forget flashy new ad units and messenger bots. A new set of insights buried in Facebook’s Ads Editor might just be the most important update yet of 2017 for power…

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Mar 13

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Lookalike Audiences 

Targeting is one of the most important pieces of any successful advertising campaign. At Bamboo, we are constantly testing audiences to find which will drive the best performance. Time after…

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Mar 14

Inside Facebook’s New Audience Overlap Tool

Facebook’s recently released tool, Audience Overlap, has quickly become essential to how we run campaigns at Bamboo. A few months in, we’re excited to share how we’re using it and…

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Nov 23

Facebook’s New Targeting Feature You May Have Missed

Facebook has been busy lately. Really busy — pushing out nearly a half-dozen major ad units in the last 6 months (more on that here). And while each of these…

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Nov 23

5 Facebook Targeting Options We Wish Existed

It’s that time of year again when wish lists are being made and visions of bundles of presents are being dreamt. At Bamboo, we’re making a list too. But, given…

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