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Jan 10

How ad network automation puts more weight on creative and what to do about it

Improvements in algorithms and machine learning systems are continuing to ease and improve the advertisers’ job on major networks like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and even Snapchat. Those platforms have created…

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Nov 14

How Performance Marketing Agencies Play into the Marketing Mix

With the ability to advertise online came a brand new type of marketing — performance marketing. This comprehensive term describes a combination of brand marketing and paid advertising where the…

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Jul 11

How to Use Dynamic Product Ads for Prospecting

E-commerce advertisers are likely most familiar with Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) in a remarketing sense. You upload your product catalog, someone comes to your site, then you show them ads…

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May 24

Creating a Personalized Paid Social Strategy With Smartly & Care/of

At the eTail East conference, we had the privilege to share the stage with our partner Smartly and our client, direct-to-consumer vitamin brand Care/of to learn how modern brands can…

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Mar 15

Can Android Audiences Actually Drive High ROI on Paid Social?

Historically, paid social experts have regarded Android as the ugly stepchild to iOS. Citing lower conversion rates and lifetime value on Android with higher ad fraud rates (up to 3x…

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Nov 03

The Results are in: Instagram Ads are a Winner

For those of us in mobile marketing, it’s been clear for years that Instagram would be a tremendous opportunity for advertisers one day. Those days are finally here. No wonder…

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