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Why Partner with an Agency to Manage Google UAC?

As an advertising agency, we help our clients leverage the variables at our disposal to display ads across the entire Google network (Google Display Network, Search, YouTube, Google Play Store).


Constant Optimization

We’re constantly developing new creative assets for our clients’ UAC campaigns, swapping out poorly performing creative and optimizing bids and budgets.


Cross-Channel Insights

As a mobile-first ad agency, we’re able to apply learnings from other industries and channels to make UAC perform for our clients.


Conversion Reporting

We also help our clients understand how their Universal App campaigns are performing compared to other channels and benchmarks.


Learn How We Leveraged Google UAC to Drive 42% Better Conversions for ChimpChange.

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A comprehensive guide to implementing and optimizing Google’s Universal App campaigns to drive app installs and engagement.



The biggest difference between Google UAC and other channels is that most of the heavy lifting is carried out by Google’s algorithm, from ad creation to audience targeting.


Optimized Audiences and Placements

Google UAC’s algorithm determines the best placement and audience based on your app. Google UAC serves across the entire Google network, including Search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network.


Google UAC Bids and Budgets

With Google UAC, you can optimize campaigns for app installs or for in-app events. We work with our clients to optimize bids and daily budgets to get the most bang for their buck.


Google UAC Creative

When setting up Universal App campaigns, just supply ad copy, images, and video that gets combined into complete ads. We constantly optimize and refresh each component to improve exposure and costs.

Which other paid social media platforms do we advertise on?

We only focus our efforts on top-tier advertising networks that are mobile-friendly, highly-personalized, and scalable.