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How A Persona-Based Approach Helped Scale the Care/of User Acquisition Strategy


Care/of is disrupting the $122B supplement industry with a fresh approach–personalization. Their subscription vitamin service provides customers with customized vitamin packs based on their unique health goals, details about their diet and lifestyle, and values.

To reach more customers through thoughtful and healthy advertising efforts, Care/of partnered with Bamboo.



We worked together to develop a plan in line with Care/of’s business mission–taking an empathetic, persona-based approach to their paid social program.

In achieving those goals,, our Facebook and Instagram technology partner, helped us automate and optimize campaigns quickly at scale.


Identify and optimize for high-value audiences

Develop engaging and personalized creative to establish trust

Optimize and iterate quickly to scale volume of first-time purchasers

Persona-Based Approach to Audience Building

To reach their desired scale, we tested both lookalike and non-lookalike audiences on Facebook and Instagram. We also had a unique opportunity to expand beyond limited historical conversion data, and lean more on non-lookalike audiences.

As part of their personal onboarding experience, Care/of asks users a set of questions about their health goals and lifestyle. Coupled with our experience working across a variety of applications and industries over the years, this rich demographic data gave us a leg up to start building out personas.

"Working with the Bamboo team to test new creative ideas, audiences, and channels has been incredibly important as we scale our business."

​Anu Verma, Head of Marketing at Care/of

​Personalized Creative to Drive Performance

In addition to identifying the highest performing audiences, we applied similar learnings to the campaign creative, serving our audiences creative tailored to them.


Care/of’s minimalistic and distinctive brand aesthetic provided the perfect foundation to develop high-converting creative. Staying true to their brand, we emphasized the personalized packaging and customized products.



Another creative strategy we took was the soft sell. To emphasize the personalized nature of Care/of’s product and get viewers through the door, we took a step back. We developed video and image creative prompting viewers to take Care/of’s custom survey.


Building a healthy paid social program

We’re proud to have the opportunity to work with such an innovative company to help them scale their acquisition efforts... and help more people get their daily dose of vitamins.

Boosting conversions

By challenging our assumptions and thinking outside the box, we arrived at valuable insights that helped drive conversions in key groups up.

Maintaining target CPA

Through a persona-based approach and quick creative iteration, we were able to steadily scale acquisition month over month while maintaining target CPA.