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How ChimpChange Improved Conversions 42% with Google UAC


ChimpChange bridges the gap between peer-to-peer payments and traditional banking, making it easy, and affordable to send fast and secure mobile payments and do all your daily transactional banking. With their single app, ChimpChange is transforming how users spend and save money in a connected and mobile world.

To reach that mobile audience, ChimpChange partnered with Bamboo to expand into new user groups and drive conversions at scale.



We helped ChimpChange leverage Google Universal App Campaigns (UAC) to achieve those goals while improving their overall CPI and acquisition volume.

Even within a competitive environment, ChimpChange was able to attract new user groups with a diverse acquisition program managed by Bamboo. Driven by steep acquisition goals, ChimpChange added Google AdWords UAC to their existing paid social programs and were able to not only scale their audience reach but significantly drive down overall CPA.


Acquire more users through Google Universal App campaigns

Improve install to conversion rates on the new channel

Lower overall acquisition costs

​“On a channel where competitors have been slow to adopt, we saw this as an opportunity to reach users that matter most to our business. By leveraging Bamboo’s marketing expertise, Google’s Universal App Campaigns gave us quality growth in LTV users across platform at a lower CPA than our company target.”

Tom Russell, VP of Product & Marketing, ChimpChange

Scaling and Optimizing ChimpChange's User Acquisition


In a competitive space such as B2C fintech, we recognized that reaching more user groups would require a wide-reaching channel. Google UAC, launched in May 2015, gave us the opportunity to extend ChimpChange’s advertising reach, exposing the ChimpChange app to new audience segments.



Even within a competitive environment such as B2C fintech, ChimpChange was able to attract new user groups with a diverse acquisition program. Through continuous testing and optimization of creative, we were able to drive a 42% higher conversion rate than other campaigns.



In addition to extending their reach, their goal was to attract high lifetime value users and to build on their continued growth with a more efficient CPA. ChimpChange and Bamboo combined their marketing expertise to drive quality growth on Google, acquiring high LTV users at scale.


12,000 new in-app registrations

Google UAC helped us reach new audience segments, effectively driving 12,000 new users.

22% lower CPA than company target

The algorithm-powered channel drove lower than target costs, acquiring users for 22% less.

42% more conversions than standard app install campaigns

The conversion from install to registration was 42% higher on Google UAC than other channels.