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Helping Online Beer Marketplace, Hopsy, Tap Into New Markets with Facebook Ads


Hopsy, the online beer marketplace born in the Bay Area, is reinventing the way beer-lovers buy and enjoy beer. Neighborhood-by-neighborhood, Hopsy is supporting the local craft beer movement by connecting local breweries with local beer lovers. They distribute a variety of products; sampler packs, growlers, and, for the real enthusiasts, a home tap system that keeps beer chilled and pressurized for up to 2 weeks.



Bamboo worked closely with the Hopsy team (over some craft IPAs and pale ales of course), to implement a paid social strategy on Facebook and Instagram suited to scale and meet their acquisition goals.


Expand into new local markets across the United States

Develop and serve relevant and engaging ads specific to local markets

Acquire new customers while maintaining positive ROI

Hopping Into New Markets

Hopsy is all about delivering local, craft beer directly to your doorstep. To help Hopsy enter new local markets across the United States, we tested various price-product-audience combinations, continually analyzing and optimizing ad sets.

After gathering data in each market, we applied product-specific and high-value lookalikes to new areas of expansion.


To narrow in on our targeting, we created unique Lookalike audiences based on product-specific purchasers.



To reach the highest value customers, we pulled in revenue data, utilizing Facebook’s high-value Lookalike function.

​Bamboo was invaluable - both strategically and tactically - in helping us expand into markets across the country. From targeting the right audiences to building engaging video and carousel ads, their team helped us get the most ROI out of Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Sebastien Tron, Co-founder & CEO, Hopsy

Capturing the Perfect Pour

To serve the most relevant ads to those audiences, we developed high-quality static images, video, and dynamic carousel ads to serve across Facebook and Instagram.


Video helped us capture the local element of Hopsy’s product line while enhancing engagement and interest of new audiences.



Incorporating geo-specific images and ad copy helped us serve relevant content to local audiences.



Carousel ads of individual products helped us serve relevant products to each local market.


Expanded to over 32% of the U.S. population

Our combination of immersive creative and strategic audience building helped us expand from serving just 1% of the US population to over 32%.

Scaled 56% week-over-week.

Using a combination of lookalikes and geographic testing, we were able to scale purchases 56% week over week while maintaining below target acquisition costs.

Improved ROI by up to 95%

Immersive ad formats like carousel ads were crucial to scaling and improving costs with up to 95% better ROI than static images.