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Helping Ink Cards Deliver Joy, One Greeting Card at a Time


Ink Cards is helping transform the age-old practice of sending greeting cards to loved ones. Their mobile app supports sending a beautiful, customized card in just a few steps, without ever having to sort through endless aisles of cards or wait in line at the Post Office.

With a product that customers call “perfect for every occasion” and a mission of “Helping the world be more thoughtful,” Ink has a passionate following and a clear mission. Their challenge was retaining this momentum while increasing growth in a competitive and highly seasonal space.



For the past several years, Ink Cards has chosen Bamboo as their partner to achieve their acquisition goals. After managing performance advertising campaigns that resulted in tens of thousands of new greeting cards being sent, we’re ready to share how we found success.


Build out a seasonal editorial paid social calendar

Use personalization to serve the right ads to the right audience

Scale while driving down acquisition costs

Reaching Customers at The Right Time

​We took advantage of the incredible precision that social networks allow for reaching people during certain times of the year, or in certain stages of their life.

​Specifically, we focused on two major decision timelines:



We studied existing organic behavior with Ink to determine how far in advance consideration begins before each Holiday. Some Holidays have month-long planning cycles, while others are top-of-mind for customers for only about a week. We considered this heavily to make sure our campaign flight dates lined up and we were only reaching a relevant audience. ​



​In addition to Holidays, key life events such as Weddings, New Baby Announcements, and Graduations, are popular times to send cards. Utilizing Facebook’s incredible “Life Events” targeting, we were able to reach potential customers that were actively engaged in planning and purchase decisions around each of these event types. ​

Using Personalization to Improve Performance

Reaching customers at the right time is a start. When paired with relevant creative, it’s a powerful combination that can lift campaign performance to new heights.

By partnering with Ink Cards’ design team and holding regular creative workshops to produce creative briefs, we generated hundreds of unique creative. This resulted in personalized audience and creative combinations for each campaign.


250+ Unique Creatives Tested

Through constant creative development, testing, and iteration, we found messages and imagery that resonated with each audience segment.

61% Cost Per Purchase Improvement

We worked closely with the Ink Cards growth team to constantly push the envelope on our paid social strategy resulting in astounding performance.

50,000+ Greeting Cards Sent

Coupling seasonal planning and execution with personalization helped us scale and improve conversions. We’re proud to have played a small part in advancing Ink Cards' mission to make the world more thoughtful.

Ink Cards