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Achieving Business and Creative Goals for Rebag

The Background

Why pay full price for designer handbags when you can get them at a fraction of the cost? That’s what Rebag’s fashionista-friendly business model is based on. Handbag lovers can shop the world’s most coveted once-loved bags, easily sell their bags with upfront payment, and never fall out of style with their trade-in program, Rebag Infinity.

Rebag’s unique model required an equally one-of-a-kind advertising strategy. Especially since Rebag has gracefully built a distinctive brand that’s now recognized and loved by customers and fans. Bamboo jumped in, working closely with Rebag’s team to test ideas and iterations. Together, we worked tirelessly to create strategic templates that respected Rebag’s elevated brand style, refine a balanced ad mix of dynamic and non-dynamic product ads for prospecting, and increase average order value as the business scaled.

Maintaining the Rebag brand in creative

Sure, putting attention-grabbing calls-to-action on your creative and in your copy is one way to encourage people to buy, but Rebag wanted to maintain a more upscale, minimalist look. Bamboo worked with the Rebag team to build a creative formula that did just that. We landed on a style that Rebag loved, then worked with their in-house design team to brainstorm and build small variations outside of the approved image — copy, borders, video, carousels — until we determined the top-performing creative, and therefore what to put budget behind. Rebag likes this approach because they’re confident every piece of creative is on brand, and we love being able to share upward charting numbers alongside beautiful ads.

"The Rebag brand is extremely important to us, so images that conveyed a luxurious product were a must-have. Using the creative approach Bamboo came up with, we can deliver ads that hit Rebag’s creative and business goals."

Elizabeth Layne Chief Marketing Officer at Rebag

A balanced ad mix

Because Rebag’s designer bags come in at a high price point, it can be hard to find a consistent sweet spot when advertising. As a way to keep sales steady, Bamboo developed a strategy that included a healthy mix of dynamic and non-dynamic product ads for prospecting. This allowed us to capture favorable ROAS for non-dynamic ads, but build volume and consistency through dynamic ads. Combining the performance of all prospecting ads, Bamboo helped Rebag start the year off strong, with a ROAS that is consistently charting up.

"When we partnered with Bamboo, we didn’t want to go all in on one strategy. We challenged them to come up with opportunities to continuously test and learn. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results."

Elizabeth Layne Chief Marketing Officer at Rebag

Increasing average order value with scale

With many marketing strategies at hand, Rebag wanted to make sure not to lose sight of the most important goals: increasing the average total of each order while growing the overall business. To do that, Bamboo tested and iterated until we found the right mix of placements with the right ad units, targeting & messaging. With that, we were able to increase average order value by 50% in a matter of months. We found that strategic targeting paired with Rebag’s elevated creative style continues to push average order totals up every month.


Over 80% growth in spend within the first 6 months

Pushed average order value up over 50%

Improved on-site purchase rate by 70%