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Scaling Rover’s Best-In-Show Acquisition Program


Rover, the Seattle-based, pet care company, connects the largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers to pet parents in over 11,000 cities. They’ve managed to “sit, stay” and set themselves apart from the competition through maintaining the highest quality of dog lovers, ensuring that dogs and their parents have the best experience–on or off leash. To attract more best-in-breed belly rubbers and ball throwers, Rover partnered with Bamboo.



As doggo-obsessed acquisition experts ourselves, we worked closely with the Rover team to implement a scalable paid social acquisition strategy.
In just a few short weeks, we were able to scale Rover’s sitter acquisition program into a slobber-worthy operation on Facebook and Instagram while improving costs. Our technology partner helped us automate and optimize campaigns.


Determine which paid social channels and ad placements performed best

Uncover and target key markets of highest quality

Improve user acquisition costs and efficiencies across Facebook and Instagram

Determining the Top-Performing Channels and Placements FOR ROVER

We initially implemented campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, making it our doggone mission to determine the best channels, placements, devices, and audiences. Although we had several assumptions about who the highest value users might be (dog-less dog-lovers), and where we could best reach them (alone at the dog park), we approached this task with an open mind and prepared to iterate quickly.

Over the first month, we garnered insights from our lookalike audiences and saw success in targeting specific user groups based on related behavior. We were also able to isolate behaviors by device and operating systems, targeting only the most cost-effective and highest quality dog lovers.

Bamboo has been a great partner to us in scaling our supply acquisition efforts across Facebook and Instagram. Their knowledge and expertise were valuable assets to us, as was their professional approach.

Ann Wessing, Consumer Marketing at Rover

​Developing and Optimizing 'Top Dog' Creative

In addition to targeting the highest value audiences, we utilized optimization to serve more high-performing creative–determining which ads were best-in-breed. Generating and testing hundreds of creative was definitely the best part of working with Rover. Who doesn’t love looking at photos of goldendoodles and corgis all day long?

By testing and iterating creative faster than a greyhound off leash, we drove costs down and conversions up. You’ll never guess which ad took a bite out of the competition and brought home the gold….

Optimizing Creative with helped us balance the cost and value through scaling Rover’s campaigns with optimization triggers. We were able to lean on to determine which audiences and creatives were performing best and adjust accordingly.


We used the Predictive Budget Allocation tool to better distribute budget across campaigns which we split out by placement.
This trigger helped us quickly determine which campaigns were providing the most value and immediately implement change to optimize for those ad sets.

By allocating more budget to reaching those key placements and audiences, we were able to improve conversion rate up to 200%.


STOP-LOSS OPTIMIZATION’s stop-loss optimization enabled us to easily pause ads that were underperforming. It automatically stops ads that are not performing at an acceptable level, based on a single defined metric.

In this case, we used stop-loss automation to pause underperforming ads when our CPA reached a certain threshold, ensuring that only the highest performing ads were serving.


200% more completed sitter registrations

Week over week, we saw 200% more completed sitter registrations, introducing more qualified pet care providers to the most trusted app for pet sitting and dog walking.

We dropped overall CPA 64%

In addition to improving scale and conversion rate, we dropped overall CPA 64%, allocating resources to only top performing ads.