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February 23, 2017

At Bamboo, we might get a little too excited about seeing ads in our own social feeds. They give us a chance to understand what tactics other companies are employing for their ads, and give us inspiration for our own campaigns. In this post, we decided to flip the script and give credit to some of our favorite non-Bamboo ads on Instagram!

After monitoring thousands of Instagram ads over the past few months, here are 10 that stood out:

1. Compare A New Behavior to a Familiar Behavior – Retale

What we love: Though Retale is a digital ad and coupon app, they understood that their audience may still better recognize a physical representation of a weekly circular. This familiar imagery draws the audience in, and only then connects the concept to their app.

2. Show Your Product in Action – QuickBooks

What we love: Rather than trying to explain how easy it is to take photos of receipts, QuickBooks simply shows it in a very tangible way. The strong copy below mentioning thousands saved on average doesn’t hurt, either.

3. Build a Theme Around Your Products – Amazon

What we love: During the holidays, Amazon themed a campaign the “12 Days of Deals” to attract customers. This theme gives the ad a sense of organization, rather than being a random collection of product shots.


​4. Feature High-Profile Brands – Poshmark

What we love: Everyone recognizes the Nike swoosh. Here, Poshmark leverages a more well-known brand than themselves (Nike) to draw attention and ultimately drive a conversion.  While there is no text, we know from the copy that Poshmark is an e-commerce service where users can purchase well-known products for a discounted price.


​5. Include Powerful Text – Getswitch

What we love: The color, font and copy of the text stands out and uses a strong CTA to inspire viewers. Changing jobs is no small feat, so the boldness of this ad from Switch is appropriate.


6. Display Real Interfaces – Lifesum

What we love: This ad features a sneak peek into LifeSum’s interface. This ad also impressed us by positioning the device in a relevant background – a gym setting.


7. Showcase A Credible Quote – MATCHCo

What we love: Utilizing a quote from a reputable source such as Good Morning America establishes credibility and immediately draws attention. Not only does MATCHCo use the quote as the focal point, but it keeps the Good Morning America font and branding to further its purpose.


8. Use an Animation – Hiponcho

What we love: In a sea of images and text, animation can be a powerful way of differentiating your product as Poncho demonstrates here.


9. Highlight a Compelling Offer – CupsApp

What we love: CupsApp pairs a strong visual (pleasant coffeeshop environment) with a compelling offer. If they wanted to go one step further, they could add in copy or a sub-headline with an expiration date for the offer to add urgency.


10. Include a Diagram – Albert

What we love: Playful, yet informative, this diagram addresses the common problem of complex financial advice. Given that Albert is a finance app, the use of diagrams is especially fitting.

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