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December 12, 2017

We’re honored to have been named “App Marketing Agency of the Year” in the Inaugural App Growth Awards organized by App Promotion Summit.

The App Growth Awards are the annual barometer for the global app marketing and growth ecosystem, setup to continue facilitating and celebrating progress within the industry. Although these awards had their first run this year, the turnout was amazing with over 100 nominations that were judged by an independent panel.

The winners were announced on November 30 at the Berlin App Promotion Summit where Daniel Pearson, Bamboo CEO, also participated in a mobile growth panel.

This award, in addition to being named as a “Top App Marketing Agency” by mobyaffiliates, bookends a high-velocity year for us. In 2017 we…

  • Launched over 250,000 unique ads, 50% of which were video, exclusively across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google.
  • Worked with several top ranking and grossing apps across categories such as health and fitness, magazines and newspapers, and retail.
  • Were named official partners of, Google, and Nanigans.
  • Gave back to the industry pointers, guides and insights on their mobile advertising blog, which quadrupled in subscriptions this year.

“This year has changed the game for mobile advertisers, and we’ve committed to do more than our part, helping not only our clients sustainably grow their businesses, but progressing the industry as a whole. Investing in transparent and high-control channels such as Facebook and Google has been a big part of that.” – Daniel Pearson, CEO of Bamboo.

Recognition for our business model and our direct media buying strategy signals the industry’s continuing demand for transparent, high performing growth channels. This year, 57% of mobile advertising was controlled by the Facebook and Google ‘duopoly,’ a reflection of this shift from low-transparency and high-fraud mobile ad networks.

We appreciate organizations that are recognizing marketers and companies helping the industry move forward and look forward to continue partnering with them.

“It’s our mission to help the app industry grow. The App Growth Awards are the first of their kind and we’re thrilled to have had such a great range of high-quality entries, finalists and winners from across the global app marketing community.” -James Cooper, Chairman, App Promotion Summit.

Thanks to everyone who has made this year so remarkable!


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