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Nov 13


We’re very excited to announce the release of our first product. It’s called Cupboard! Cupboard is a reporting automation and analysis platform for Google Universal App Campaigns. The Backstory on Cupboard…

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Mar 01

Why We’re Reducing Our Google UAC Media Management Fees by 75%

In the past few months since Google transitioned all app advertising initiatives to Universal App campaigns (UAC), the channel has undoubtedly changed the game for in-house advertisers and agencies alike.…

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Nov 14

[eBook] How to Survive the Switch to Google Universal App Campaigns

A comprehensive guide to implementing and optimizing Google’s Universal App campaigns to drive app installs and engagement.

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Nov 07

Google UAC Bid Types: Optimizing for Installs vs. In-App Events

Updated December 2017 Since Google announced the great migration from AdWords to Google Universal App campaigns (UAC) effective October 16th, we’ve received more and more questions about the channel. In…

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Sep 28

[Infographic] Google Universal App Campaigns from Top to Bottom

42.2% of digital ad spend will go to Google in 2017, amounting to a whopping 35 billion dollars. So it’s not surprising that since Google announced such a big update,…

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Sep 21

A Glimpse into Creative Asset Performance within Google Universal App Campaigns

Updated December 2017 In a short series we looked at how advertisers can best leverage Google Universal App campaigns to drive app installs and engagement. We tackled many FAQs regarding Google…

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Sep 14

Google Universal App Campaigns: How to Get More Bang for Your Budget

Updated December 2017 In a short series, we tackled many of those questions regarding bid types, budgeting, and creative assets. We also published a comprehensive eBook that shares our learnings and best practices. Download…

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Aug 23

How ChimpChange Improved Conversions 42% with Google Universal App Campaigns

ChimpChange bridges the gap between peer-to-peer payments and traditional banking, making it easy and affordable to send fast and secure mobile payments and do all your daily transactional banking. With their…

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Jan 21

Inside Google’s Fight To Regain Mobile Ad Relevancy

Google is in a fight for their life and mobile is forcing its hand. It’s an unlikely position for a company that has pioneered countless forms of digital advertising and…

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