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Feb 22

7 Most Valuable Questions to Ask A Potential Growth Agency

Let’s start with the obvious here. What is a growth agency, and more specifically, how is it different from a traditional agency, social agency, digital agency, or any other type…

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Mar 15

Can Android Audiences Actually Drive High ROI on Paid Social?

Historically, paid social experts have regarded Android as the ugly stepchild to iOS. Citing lower conversion rates and lifetime value on Android with higher ad fraud rates (up to 3x…

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Nov 27

4 Things You Should Expect from Your Mobile Advertising Agency

As of 2017, mobile advertising accounts for over 70% of total digital ad spending and is projected to hit more than $195B annually by 2019. More marketers are ramping up…

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Nov 20

The Top Three Mobile Attribution Mistakes Advertisers Made in 2017

We’ll save you from citing the infamous advertising attribution quote that all of these blog posts start out with. If you’re reading this, you probably already know how challenging attribution is–especially for…

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Oct 31

Going Beyond the Install: Utilizing App Event Optimization to Improve CPAs on Facebook

In 2017, 84% of app marketers measure performance based on revenue instead of install volume. In line with that shift to direct-response advertising, Facebook launched App Event Optimization (AEO) last…

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Oct 13

Emojis: An Advertiser’s Friend or Foe?

92% of the world’s online population uses emojis. ​ So unless you’re part of the 8% who doesn’t, it should be no surprise to you that emojis are changing the…

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Jun 21

4 Proven Ways to Time-Segment Your Mobile Advertising Campaigns

It’s hard to understate the element of timing in mobile advertising. In an always-on world where 80% of mobile users check their phones before brushing their teeth, it truly is…

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Jun 13

The 6 Biggest Changes in the New App Store that will Impact Advertisers

Last week at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced a sweeping redesign to the App Store, their nine-year-old platform that counts 500 million people as weekly active users. We dug…

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Feb 28

11 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Mobile Advertising Agency

According to eMarketer, mobile advertising is on track to hit more than $195 Billion annually by 2019 – up from just over $19B in 2013 – it is obvious that…

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Feb 10

Mobile Video Best Practices on Facebook

At Bamboo, we partner with clients like HotelTonight, Microsoft, and The New York Times to help them maximize the ROI of their mobile/social advertising budgets. After spending many millions of…

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