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February 19, 2015

Since the public launch of their “mobile app promotion” ad units roughly 8 months ago, Twitter has blossomed into a favorite customer acquisition channel for the savviest mobile marketing teams. Countless other mobile advertisers are tiptoeing onto the platform but many still seem to be befuddled by it.

At Bamboo, we partner with great products and services to help them grow through transparent, direct-response oriented advertising campaigns.

After running on Twitter for the last few months, I’m sold. Twitter is my new favorite mobile ads channel. Why?

First off, we are seeing tremendous returns from our Twitter spend across our clients at Bamboo — and it seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. Many of our Twitter campaigns are now outperforming our Facebook campaigns from both a cost and a lifetime value perspective.

At this point, I’m sold on the fact that all Facebook mobile app advertisers should also utilize Twitter. 


Here are a few tips for Twitter success:

  • Understand that Twitter is not Facebook alternative for advertising or otherwise: For avid Twitter users, the sentence above makes complete sense. Despite that fact, social media marketers who are come over from Facebook to “test Twitter” still treat it like a baby Facebook. As a result, they fail. I repeat: It is not a Facebook alternative. Advertise on it accordingly. Twitter is a real-time content sharing platform while Facebook is an identity platform. Twitter doesn’t know who its users are as well as Facebook, but it knows their affinity for certain types of content extremely well. Leverage it.


  • Location, location, location: Twitter is an absolute goldmine for location-based targeting. Twitter location targeting uses data on where the users actually is right now. Not to mention, Twitter also lets advertisers do this down to the zip code while still maintaining respectable CPAs and scale. Using this Twitter geo-targeting functionality vs. whatever a Facebook user entered as their “current city” is an advertising no-brainer.


  • Smaller audiences can produce big-time results: While Facebook almost requires audiences in the hundreds of thousands to millions of people to get scale and avoid CPAs blowing up, Twitter audiences can be a ten times smaller and still produce decent scale and knockout performance metrics. Don’t be afraid to run hyper-focused campaigns out of the gate. Start small and expand from there.


  • Twitter campaign insights are a high-volume Facebook advertiser’s best friend: All Twitter campaigns expose, by default, super granular performance data including: individual OS versions, devices, gender, city-metro, and more. We frequently utilize insights from Twitter campaigns to make successful optimizations to our Facebook spend. Sometimes, our Facebook optimizations as a result of Twitter insights create more efficiencies for us than we’re even spending on Twitter!


If you’re running Facebook mobile ads, here is what I recommend for your first Twitter mobile campaign:

  1. Find your highest volume, highest value generating Facebook mobile app install campaign that is utilizing “Interest Group” targeting
  2. Build out a Twitter campaign to users who follow the @handles that correlate with the same page likes on Facebook
  3. Run identical creative to the audience until you hit 200K Twitter impressions
  4. Click into the campaign and look at the performance across each @handle, geography, gender, device, and OS
  5. Translate said insights into your Facebook campaign
  6. Re-invest the budget you just saved on Facebook from the insights into figuring out how to target Twitter users based on the content they enjoy.


Facebook will continue to be the undisputed King of mobile app distribution in terms of scale for the time being. But, for the 99% of mobile advertisers who are spending under $1MM / month, Twitter is my new “best bet” on acquiring high-quality, low-cost customers.

For the top 1% of advertisers, Twitter insights will uncover efficiency gains in your massive spend on Facebook in a matter of minutes. Make it happen.


Interested in using Twitter to drive app installs? Learn more about Bamboo’s Twitter advertising expertise and services >

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