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Jul 11

How to Use Dynamic Product Ads for Prospecting

E-commerce advertisers are likely most familiar with Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) in a remarketing sense. You upload your product catalog, someone comes to your site, then you show them ads…

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Nov 20

The Top Three Mobile Attribution Mistakes Advertisers Made in 2017

We’ll save you from citing the infamous advertising attribution quote that all of these blog posts start out with. If you’re reading this, you probably already know how challenging attribution is–especially for…

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Oct 19

Top 16 Facebook Ad Design Trends of 2017

When we’re not developing creative for our clients, you can probably find us scouring the Internet and our own social feeds to understand what tactics other brands are employing for…

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Oct 13

Emojis: An Advertiser’s Friend or Foe?

92% of the world’s online population uses emojis. ​ So unless you’re part of the 8% who doesn’t, it should be no surprise to you that emojis are changing the…

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Nov 17

Previewing The Next Generation of Mobile Ad Units

As marketing dollars continue to shift towards mobile, advertisers are clamoring for more choices of how to present their message. Social networks, eager to keep delivering massive revenue growth, are…

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Feb 24

Quantifying Relevance Scores for Ads on Facebook

On February 11, Facebook announced that they will begin showing relevance scores for each of your ads. This is part of their ongoing effort to improve the overall content quality within…

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