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Oct 19

Top 16 Facebook Ad Design Trends of 2017

When we’re not developing creative for our clients, you can probably find us scouring the Internet and our own social feeds to understand what tactics other brands are employing for…

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May 24

Reveal What’s Holding Your Ads Back with Facebook’s New Delivery Insights

Forget flashy new ad units and messenger bots. A new set of insights buried in Facebook’s Ads Editor might just be the most important update yet of 2017 for power…

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Apr 04

5 Headline Copy Formulas to Boost Facebook Ad Performance

An ad is only as strong as its headline. After the main visual element, the Headline is the most prominent part of an ad and is the largest space for…

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Mar 16

Facebook’s Recipe for Better Ad Engagement? Copying Consumer Products

In early 2016, Facebook rolled out its richest ad experience yet, Canvas Ads. Through a combination of video, carousel, and still images, Canvas Ads give advertisers unparalleled real estate and opportunity…

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Mar 13

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Lookalike Audiences 

Targeting is one of the most important pieces of any successful advertising campaign. At Bamboo, we are constantly testing audiences to find which will drive the best performance. Time after…

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Mar 07

The Evolution of Facebook Advertising

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg unleashed the beast that is Facebook from his Harvard dorm room. Today, Facebook has over 1.8 billion monthly active users and millions of businesses on the…

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Mar 14

Inside Facebook’s New Audience Overlap Tool

Facebook’s recently released tool, Audience Overlap, has quickly become essential to how we run campaigns at Bamboo. A few months in, we’re excited to share how we’re using it and…

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Nov 23

Facebook’s New Targeting Feature You May Have Missed

Facebook has been busy lately. Really busy — pushing out nearly a half-dozen major ad units in the last 6 months (more on that here). And while each of these…

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Nov 23

5 Facebook Targeting Options We Wish Existed

It’s that time of year again when wish lists are being made and visions of bundles of presents are being dreamt. At Bamboo, we’re making a list too. But, given…

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Apr 05

A Guide To Driving New B2B Demand on Facebook

“Can Facebook actually work for business software and services?” This is the first question we hear from companies wading into this space. It’s a fair question – Facebook often feels…

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