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November 30, 2017

Since Twitter launched ‘promoted tweets’ in 2010, over 130K advertisers have started promoting their products and services on the social media channel.

While Twitter only accounts for 0.84% of the global digital advertising market today, their product enhancements, diverse audience, and mobile-first nature still make it a lucrative opportunity for many advertisers.

We’ve helped many of our clients leverage it to expand into high-tech markets, and drive app installs–86% of their revenue comes from mobile, after all. One of the not-so-secret secrets to Twitter advertising lies in the creative. Twitter targeting is tricky, so to cut through the noise and drive down costs through accurate targeting, relevant and eye-catching ads are key.

This year we saw advertisers mimic Facebook ad design trends and, with the rise of Twitter video advertising, many TV-esque ads. We’ve also seen several Twitter-specific trends emerge. After digging through THOUSANDS, here are the 19 we’re most excited to try with our clients in the coming year:


1. Custom Illustration

This trend certainly isn’t specific to Twitter (we recently mentioned it in our ‘Facebook Ad Design Trends’ post), but it is perfect for this platform.
Whether it’s company-wide or campaign-specific, custom illustration quickly portrays an evocative message that’s true to your brand.


2. Emojis

Emojis aren’t necessarily new, and with 92% of the world’s online population using emojis, it’s no surprise it made our list.
From subtle and cheeky to bold and blatant, tons of brands have jumped on the emoji bandwagon in recent years. Check out some of our learnings and tips in some of our recent campaigns.

3. Bright, Bold Colors

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of cutting through the noise on social media. This year, we’ve seen advertisers gravitate towards bright, bold colors, and it seems to be working.
Bright colors are great for mobile and desktop experiences, play nicely with the color and design of your Twitter avatar, which takes up more room than on other platforms.

4. Diagrams

With the large real estate and image-heavy nature of Twitter, diagrams have cropped up a lot in the past year.
Diagrams within static images, gifs, and animated videos are all great ways brands have shows their products and services on Twitter, portraying value succinctly and cleanly.


5. Large Images

While Twitter’s new ad specs inform this trend, these large, nearly square images are fantastic to catch attention on both mobile and desktop.
It can also be a mechanism to utilize these other design trends, and we expect to see more advertisers cozying up to the ad unit in 2018.

6. Statistics

We’ve also seen many marketers lean on the techie nature of Twitter users, packing stats into twitter ad copy and even images.
For B2B and B2C companies alike, this is a great way to provide meaningful and click-worthy content quickly.


7. Selling Content

In our recent Facebook ad design post, content was a hot topic. The content marketing industry is set to hit $13 billion by 2019, so naturally, advertisers have gravitated towards this tactic on Twitter as well.
One major difference we noticed between Twitter and Facebook, however, is that content on Twitter tends to be more ‘newsworthy,’ which leads us to our next trend…


8. Listicles

All advertisers complain about listicles (ourselves included), but the truth is, they work.
Advertisers on Twitter especially play off of the news-saturated platform to deliver to-the-point content, without being TOO clickbait-y.

9. Partner Posts

Twitter has been prime for influencer marketing and is more of a community than some other social networks, and many companies are using that to their advantage.
Cross-promoted tweets, tagging other brands, and just general collaborations are huge on Twitter. If you do have strong partnerships, we highly recommend trying this out with the caveat that some research shows a decrease in engagement for tweets that contain @ mentions.

10. Influencer Generated Content

Another great way brands are sneaking into Twitter feeds is through their influencers. Through video, especially, brands are promoting and creating proprietary content that builds off of their influencers’ foundations.
We appreciate this authentic (and sometimes humorous approach) and have seen great success with this tactic in our own campaigns.


11. Personal Promoted

Similarly, while many brands are tapping into influencer and partner marketing, a few are taking it a step further, leveraging personal brands to extend their corporate message.
For founders with followings and CEOs with celebrity-status, this is a great way to deliver authentic, semi-camouflaged content and offerings. If your brand can pull it off, definitely give it a try.

12. Human Interest & Interviews

Advertisers have been doing this for ages, putting ‘real’ people in the spotlight to highlight their brand’s lifestyle or the value of their company.
Twitter is ripe with these ads, and while we caution advertisers to appeal to the human pathos with taste, it just flat-out works.


13. Humanitarian

We do realize that we’re writing and publishing this post during the holidays, a time when every brand flaunts how philanthropic they are, but if the trends say anything, it’s working.
Whether you’re attached to a charitable organization or spearheading your own movement, this a great way to drive engagement and goodwill on social media.


14. Mini-movies

We probably don’t have to remind you that video content is hot on Twitter–82% of users watch video content on Twitter. Many advertisers are really leaning into this, producing high-quality and impact content.
Sometimes this material drives users out of the Twittersphere, while some are 100% Twitter-native.

15. Video Website Cards

Launched just last month, Twitter’s Video Website Cards give advertisers a medium to utilize clickable video that clicks into a web page. We’re loving these ads as it gives us something to watch while we wait for mobile websites to load.
The trick here is to give just enough content so that the user is encouraged to click… and is then directed to your website. We’re looking forward to testing more of these ads with our clients.

16. Interactive Promoted Tweets

This trend is prevalent amongst bigger brands with bigger budgets. And while they require a bit of support from Twitter’s business team, if you have the monetary commitment, it seems like they’re worth the investment.
These interactions include tweetable hashtag buttons, pseudo-quizzes and more. We’re excited to see what else is in store for these interactive promoted tweets.

17. The Good Old-Fashioned  Hashtag

For lower-budget brands, promoting good ole hashtags is still a great option, especially to affiliate with a cause or movement.
Many brands are still seeing success through hashtag promotions for giveaways, movements, and even sponsored tweets. Our only caveat is that hashtags are better for engagement than for performance.

18. TV-esque Ads

This trend isn’t necessarily one that we recommend for our clients, but many deep-pocketed brands are running with it on Twitter, from commercial-like video content to over-produced images.
If you’re reusing your TV commercial or extending your television campaign online, it makes sense, but often, these high-fidelity TV-esque video ads are less captivating.


19. Humor

In true Bamboo fashion, we like to end on a fun note. This trend goes without saying – advertisers and social media marketers just simply have more fun on Twitter.
We know that this doesn’t fit with every brand’s persona, but we’re impressed with many companies who’ve produced fun videos, humorous mini-campaigns, and just overall quirky ads on Twitter and beyond.

We know how tough it can be to keep ad creative fresh across all your acquisition channels while staying relevant. Check our other design resources for more inspiration…

We hope you’re able to apply some of these trends to your own Twitter campaigns. Interested in how Bamboo can help manage your Twitter ad campaigns? Check out our Twitter advertising agency services >

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