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March 2, 2017

With a smaller audience than both Facebook and Instagram, it’s easy for Twitter to be overlooked at first by marketers. But, when one look beyond size, Twitter is a tremendous opportunity for those who know where to focus. Since Twitter won’t win on scale, their team has continued to to invest in product and ads offerings around what make the platform unique.

In many ways, events are a perfect representation of this. From awards shows like The Golden Globes to the spirited battles of March Madness, events are when Twitter most comes alive.

Not only are events exciting for Twitter users, but they’ve also proved to be incredible opportunities time and time again for performance advertisers. In fact, we’re going so far as to say they’re amongst the strongest offerings right now that differentiate Twitter from other platforms. As a top Twitter advertising agency, here’s what we’ve learned:

Case Study #1: Event Targeting and Political Buzz

Our team was very excited to test Twitter event targeting during one of the biggest events of 2016, The Presidential Election. Specifically, Twitter offered specific event targeting options around major milestones in the campaigns, including each Presidential Debate night. This was the perfect match for one of our media clients.

With everyone in the United States seemingly turning to Twitter to follow each word of each debate, we saw engagement and audience sizes grow significantly.

Compared to non-event targeting during the same time, our media client saw event targeting drive the following gains:

    • CTR: 64% better
    • CPI: 3% better
    • CPA: 140% better


Case Study #2: Event Targeting and Sports Mania

Sports is another vertical in which we found success with Twitter event targeting. Twitter offers sports targeting ranging from global events like the Olympics to more targeted events like specific NFL games. We tested dozens of sports event options with our sports client, a mobile ticketing app. 

Compared to non-event targeting campaigns, our sports client saw event targeting drive the following gains:

  • CPI: 10% better
  • CVR: 25% better
  • ROAS: 30% better


How Do I Create a Successful Event Targeting Campaign?

Like any ad campaign, there are a few best practices to follow that yield maximum results.

1. Select your audience: Creating the perfect audience begins with research. Before you can start building an event targeting campaign, you must build an audience profile with basic demographics in the Twitter ad account.

2. Match your audience with an event: For an event targeting campaign to be most impactful, you must choose an event that appeals and resonates with your audience. In Twitter Ads, you can delve deeper into the demographics of people talking about a specific event. For example, here is St. Patrick’s Day audience summary for 2016. It displays relevant information advertisers can use for future St. Patrick’s Day targeting.
3. Use event-specific hashtags and keywords: Use trending words and phrases to appeal to your audience. In Twitter Events, you can see what other people have been saying about your event and use those insights to tailor your campaign.

4. Go live: A successful events campaign relies on more than just creating the right audience. Use captivating creative, effective copy and remember to tag relevant people or brands when going live.


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